Triad Pride Festival 2011


Greensboro's Annual LGBT Pride Festival will be held at Center City Park on June 4, 2011 between 11 AM - 5 PM. Triad Pride is an annual festival for the LGBT community in the triad area of North Carolina that is produced by Alternative Resources of the T

Atheists sue over bus ads on God-free lifestyle


Reuters By Suzi Parker 6/10/11 LITTLE ROCK, Ark (Reuters) - A coalition of atheists is accusing Little Rock's city bus line of violating their rights to free speech in

Why Religions Are All Scams


Atheism Examiner by Al Stefanelli 5/22/11 What is a "True Believer?" A scam is defined as a claim that gives results that are something other than what was promised. The truth of the matter is that all religions are scams by virtue of th

May 21, 2011: Judgment day? Atheists scoff


by Amy Rolph 5/30/11 Is the judgment day coming on May 21, 2011? One group of Christians with a radio show is spreading the word that the rapture is happening this month, and you’d better be ready. Meanwhile, a group of atheist

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