Food Drive for the Corpus Christi Women’s Shelter


The Corpus Christi Atheists pulled together a food drive to benefit the local Women's Shelter for their summer program for kids. They raised $100 in cash and a various amount of food items that were on the requested list.  [gallery ids="654"]

Corpus Christi Atheists Respond to Supreme Court


The Corpus Christi Atheists sent one of their own to a local TV Station to give their views on the Sepreme courts discision to allow prayer to continue in legislative meetings. Check it out here:

Corpus Christi Atheists Held Bake Sale for CASA


The group raised over $500 and received an overflowing box of toys that will go toward CASA after they were broken into Monday morning. Follow this link to see the local new coverage:

South Texas CoR speaks out against prayer in government.


Check out our local news channel, KRIS-TV, doing a story about prayer in city council meetings. [gallery ids="1159"]

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