Our response to Anti-Islam Rallies across the US in October 2015


Across the US, in October of last year, there was a movement to parade outside of local mosques and threaten violence if Muslims did not leave America. After hearing about plans for this to happen at our local mosque, we planned to support our local mosqu ...

Doing Good for Goodness Sake.


Corpus Christi Atheists launched a Bench Ad Campaign to get the word out that Atheists are here in Corpus Christi Texas and they are doing good things without god. Here is the first news article from the local paper. http://www.caller.com/news/local

SOTXCOR Member Speaks Out Against Religious Discrimination


A member of the SOTXCOR gave comments on the ruling the Supreme Court gave today on HOBBY LOBBY. [gallery ids="677"]

SoTxCor Participation Mentioned at Refugee Rally


The South Texas Coalition of Reason was mentioned for their participation in the Refugee Rally. http://thinkprogress.org/immigration/2014/07/20/3461993/mcallen-border-rally-photos/ [gallery ids="789"]

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