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Right now organizations - of all types - are having a bad time. No one is really to blame for it, but the causes are a wide and varied as the organizations themselves. Participation in organized groups is down across the board. We often lay the blame a ...

SkepDakota Crowd



MEDIA ADVISORY August 20, 2015 Contact: Amanda Novotny, Co-Coordinator–South Dakota Coalition of Reason and President of Siouxland Freethinkers, [email protected], (605) 691-3821 Starting Friday August 28, 2015, a two-day SkepDakota con ...

South Dakota CoR to meet in Rotunda of South Dakota Capitol


South Dakota Coalition of Reason is proud to announce that on Friday, Feb 6th 2015 we will be gathering in the Capitol Rotunda in Pierre, SD.  Members of South Dakota CoR will be in the Capitol to show their opposition to Senate Bill 114 and to discu

2015 South Dakota Conference of Reason Renamed

The South Dakota Conference of Reason got a new name, new website, and new logo. Now called SkepDakota, the new brand condenses the conference into a single brand making it easier to convey the type and location of the conference. Keeping with the midwe

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