Humanist Political Power Part One: Local versus national organizations


The “free thought movement” of atheists, Humanists, nones, naturalists and others exists at two levels of operation: Small local groups and large national/international groups. Conventional wisdom holds that large organizations and celebrit

Building Backlash: As Opposition To The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Ruling Grows, Religious Right Groups Plot Their Next Move

as not among them.

Adia Benton: Addressing the Ebola Crisis in West Africa

The Humanists of Rhode Island were proud to present medical anthropologist Adia Benton delivering a presentation, "Addressing the Ebola Crisis in West Africa" last night at Knight Memorial Library in Providence. Steve Ahlquist

The US Constitution Guarantees Freedom from Religion


A post from the Multiversalist blog, "Freedom from Religion is Real Religious Freedom" was just published in Ulmann, Carol and Lynn M. Zott (Eds.) Opposing Viewpoints: Religious Liberty, 71-76. Greenhaven Press. New York. The article is&nbs

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