OmahaCoR Display going into Nebraska Capitol


For the second year in a row (following the introduction of a nativity scene by the Thomas More Society), the OmahaCoR will again join other state-based nontheistic organizations in putting up a display booth in the Nebraska State Capitol over Christmas ...

OMAHA Announces Heartland Humanist Conference for 2015


Omaha CoR's affiliate Omaha Metro Area Humanist Association is going to host a Heartland Humanist Conference. There will be speakers, discussions, and more!

Godless Billboard in Omaha Heralds Freethought Conference


(Omaha, Nebraska, July 09, 2012) "Don't believe in God? Join the club." These words, superimposed over an image of the Earth's horizon in space, now appear on a prominent billboard in Omaha. The 14' x 48' ad is on 72nd Street at

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