Atheist Goes to Supreme Court in Cross Challenge


 ST. LOUIS (AP) — A Chicago-area atheist is using his last legal recourse in challenging the use of state funds to renovate a towering southern Illinois cross, but he acknowledges the odds are "pretty slim" that the U.S. Supreme C

Tulsa City Council Allows Atheist Opening Remarks


TULSA, Okla. (AP) — When an atheist group delivers the opening remarks before Thursday's Tulsa City Council meeting, it will mark an uneasy truce to a years-long fight over separation of religion and government in this Bible Belt city. The Humani

Atheist Clubs Spring Up In High Schools Across The Country With Help From The Secular Student Alliance


With help from the Secular Student Alliance -- a national organization of more than 300 college-based clubs for freethinking students -- high school atheists clubs are springing up across the country, the Religion News Service reports. JT Eberhard,

Saints to change name for a game on atheist night

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The St. Paul Saints plan to change their name for a game sponsored by atheist groups. The American Association minor league club will call itself the "Mr. Paul Aints" when they host the Amarillo Sox on Aug. 10. T

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