What Good is an Ethical Society, Anyway?


Ethical Societies are not just welcoming communities for people from all walks of life and of many different beliefs: they are also communities that seek to make a difference. What difference have Ethical Societies made in the world, and how will we make ...

What is the Gateway to Reason?

The second annual Gateway to Reason is schedule for St. Louis’ 560 Music Center this August 12-14. These year’s lineup includes speakers: David Silverman Nathan Phelps Mandisa Thomas Dr. Darrel Ray Keith Lowell Jensen Heina Dadabhoy ...

g2r bannor

Godless Billboard Goes Up in STL


(St. Louis, Missouri, September 14, 2010) "Don't believe in God? You are not alone." These words are part of a prominent billboard now up in St. Louis on I-64 and U.S. 40 at Vandeventer Avenue, near St. Louis University. Positioned on the left

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