Cedar Valley Atheists Help Clean Vandalized Synagogue


When Jacob Madden heard the synagogue where his friend served as Rabbi had been vandalized, he reached out to the Cedar Valley Atheists to help with the clean-up. Vandals had spray painted crosses and the words, "Jesus Saves" on the walls of the Sons of J ...

Iowa Atheist Organization, Day of Reason Proclamation


Cedar Valley Atheists has received a proclamation from the City of Waterloo, Iowa declaring May 5th as a Day of Reason. Waterloo has joined Cedar Rapids as the only cities in the state to issue such a proclamation. [caption id="attachment_8933" align=" ...

iowa atheist group

Iowa Humanist Organization Receives Day of Reason Proclamations

Reason is alive and well in Iowa! Humanists of Linn County was pleased to accept two separate proclamations declaring May 5th as National Day of Reason. Both the City of Cedar Rapids and the Linn County Board of Supervisors officially recognized the impor ...

iowa humanist organization

Iowa Secular Students Announce Panel Discussion


Does religion do more harm or good? This is a controversial question that has been debated for centuries. How would we answer it in a modern context, or does it even have an answer? On Sunday, April 24, Secular Students of Iowa (SECSI) is assembling a pan ...

iowa secular students

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