Atheists Anonymous at La Costa Glen

Posted: 12/26/2012 

Last Updated: 8 hours ago 

Natasha Zouves 

CARLSBAD, Calif. – A group of seniors in Carlsbad say they are being persecuted, targeted and jeered at for their religion, or rather for their lack of religion. 

In its promotional video, the La Costa Glen retirement community may look peaceful, but a group of seniors who live there says it is a battlefield. 

"They said, ‘She is a sinner. She’s going to hell and she’s going to burn forever,’" said 84-year-old Brigit Smith-Clarke. She said she heard two fellow residents say that about her because she founded Atheists Anonymous. 

It is a group for the elderly residents at La Costa Glen who do not believe in God or just want to explore their options. It began with 16 members two years ago. Since then, their membership has grown to almost 100 seniors.

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San Diego Coalition of Reason

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