Atheist Society of Kern Joins ValleyCoR!

Congratulations to the Atheist Society of Kern (ASK) for joining the Central Valley Coalition of Reason!

ASK is an established secular community in Bakersfield California.  At first, this was a fellowship and support community only, where atheists could go to be with like-minded people in a safe environment.

But over time, ASK has grown and decided to work together to better their community.  They have become a California nonprofit, and have charged themselves to do good works, and support the diversity of their community.

ASK is dedicated to standing with people of faith in defending their religious freedoms under the First Amendment while encouraging state-church separation.

With ASK’s entry, ValleyCoR’s geographic location covers most of the San Joaquin Valley of California.

If you would like to start a secular organization in the San Joaquin Valley and would like assistance doing so, send an email to [email protected].