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Special Guest Article from Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless (AAHH)

Our 8th anniversary giveaway went amazingly. We could not have a better group of volunteers in this effort and we are lucky to have you all!!!! Y’all make what we do possible and have no idea how much we love you.

In all, there were over 160 recipients that went through our lines for toiletries, clothing, feminine hygiene, bras, and snacks. Our celebratory cookies and Kool-Aid went over very well. Bug spray was a much-requested item, and, luckily for us, one of our favorite volunteers had some to distribute.

The amazing Support the Girls – Austin provided all of the feminine hygiene products and bras that we needed for this giveaway (and we have plenty enough for next month, too).

Our clothing aisle was picked through quite thoroughly. In addition to clothing provided by volunteers, some of the clothing was also provided by the Airman’s Attic on Lackland Air Force Base.

Donations for this giveaway poured in from all over the place, including England and Holland! A big thank you to Friendly AtheistThe Atheist Experience show, Foundation Beyond Belief, and United Coalition of Reason for the shout outs (whether in Facebook posts, articles, or on podcasts) which no doubt aided us in this effort. We had packages that were sent to the Atheist Community of Austin Library, our PO Box was overflowing with boxes, and several people that could not personally attend the giveaway made drop-offs of supplies.

The October giveaway date will be announced soon and there is a lot of inventorying to do. Our website,, and our Facebook page ( will be updated soon to reflect the next date and what items are needed, but donations can be made at our website any time.