Another UnitedCoR Facebook Milestone!

UnitedCoR’s social media continues to grow from strength to strength! Our first Facebook posts appeared in 2009, and from then until January 2015, we reached our 5,000-like milestone. We doubled that amount in November 2015, thanks to the help of people like you who spread the word and asked your friends to check out our Facebook page.

Late in the afternoon on January 27th 2017, UnitedCoR achieved another Facebook milestone with 25,000 likes and an equal number of Facebook followers. We were pleasantly surprised to see an additional 6,000 people following our Facebook page in the past month, of which over 4,000 people have joined us since the Inauguration!

THANK YOU for helping us achieve these milestones, and for encouraging your friends to link in with our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Be sure to also check out the Secular Directory’s Facebook and Twitter, as it’s also nearing a huge milestone!!