Another Invocation, Day of Reason Event & Proclamation Request

head shots of Ed Sweeney (left), Robert Ridgard (right)

Activism, Celebration and Charity are alive and well in Central Ohio

Proclamation Requests

The National Day of Reason (DOR) is held on the first Thursday in May each year as a counter to the National Day of Prayer. Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT) organized requests for proclamations in 2014, 2016 and 2017 from various local and state governments. This year, Ed Sweeney, who participated in COUNT efforts last year has again requested a DOR proclamation from the President of Council/Mayor of Upper Arlington, currently Kip Greenhill, and is awaiting a reply. Last year, then Mayor Deborah A. Johnson, in response to Ed’s similar request, stated that it was not her intention to grant proclamations for either the Day of Reason or the Day of Prayer.

Responses and Invocations

Although we have not yet received such a proclamation from Upper Arlington, Columbus, Franklin County or Ohio, in 2014 the Columbus Coalition of Reason received a Certificate of Recognition from Michael Coleman, then mayor of Columbus. In 2017, Ed’s request to Upper Arlington stimulated an invitation to deliver an invocation at an upcoming city council meeting. Two members of Columbus CoR groups presented invocations in 2017; Ed at the 5/8/2017 Upper Arlington council meeting (text published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation) and Robert Ridgard at the 6/12/2017 Hilliard Town Council.

Yesterday, Robert Ridgard posted on the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) Facebook group that he will present the invocation for the 4/23/2018 Hilliard Town Council meeting which begins at 7:00 PM.

Day of Reason Event

Columbus CoR groups are celebrating with a Potluck and Charity Fundraiser on Saturday May 5 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the Actual Brewing Company, 655 N. James Rd. RSVP on Facebook or on Meetup with Central Ohio Gay Atheists (COGA), COUNT or Omnipresent Atheists (OA). Last year’s DOR event was successful and well-attended and also was held at this venue. We are recruiting one or two volunteers from each member group to help with this event; e mail [email protected] to volunteer.

$1.00 per pint of the beer sold will go to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Last year’s event also benefitted Mid-Ohio Foodbank as did the recent Brewery Fundraiser at Land Grant Brewing Company which raised $51.76 and collected an estimated 72 lbs of food. Columbus CoR groups have already raised $14,197.22 and collected 1,846 lbs of food since 2012 for the food bank.

Avery Winston is again organizing the DOR event and provided these details:

  • There will be a grill and Columbus CoR will be providing grilled meat. If you would like to bring your own meat/vegan/vegetarian items to be grilled and/or as your main dish to share, please do, but no pressure.
  • Columbus CoR will also be providing napkins, plastic eating utensils and paper plates.
  • Last names A-I: Please bring a side dish to share.
  • Last names J-R. Please bring a main dish to share.
  • Last names S-Z: Please bring a dessert to share.
  • The brewery will have beer, but if you don’t want to beer, please provide your own beverage. We will be providing bottled water.
  • We will be asking for suggested donations, but no obligation.

COUNT, HCCO, COGA, OA, and UU ASH are members of the Columbus Coalition of Reason.

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