Adopt-a-Highway Sign Vandalized

(Chico, California, January 13, 2015)

The Atheists of Butte County are getting set to perform their 3rd year of highway maintenance on Highway 99 just south of downtown Chico, California.

Today it was discovered that one of our state highway signs has been defaced yet again.

Religious extremists will not prevail.

"We are more committed more than ever to being part of our community and letting all non-believers, free thinkers, agnostics and atheists know that we are here as their organization,” said George Gold, Coordinator of the Butte County Coalition of Reason.

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Atheists of Butte County, promote reason, justice and compassion. Truly good decisions can only be made if they are based on sound information, not faith. It has been said, “faith is believing in something without evidence.” 

“Critical thinking provides a methodology to assess any given claim, not by divining antiquated edicts to determine what is reasonable, just and compassionate,” said George Gold, President of the Atheists of Butte County has said,  “we want to promote reason, justice and compassion at the local level. ABC members are helping children to think critically and we are monitoring the local political process,” said Gold. “We are not alone in our struggle to promote reason, justice and compassion.”

Separate church and state. During the historic struggles of women's suffrage, civil rights, abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research and other critical issues, powerful religious factions have attempted to conform public policy to match their dogma.

The vision of America’s founders was to prevent religion from gaining special influence over public policy has become blurred and is in desperate need of refocusing. As rational patriots committed to a more just and compassionate society, Atheists of Butte County believe we have a responsibility to help refocus that vision.

For more information contact:

George Gold
Coordinator – Butte County Coalition of Reason
President, Atheists of Butte County
[email protected]

UnitedCoR’s Executive Director
National Coordinator
United Coalition of Reason
202-238-9088 ext. 117
[email protected]