A New Nationwide Nontheist Movement: CAN

At the grassroots level, what’s the best way to get the attention and respect of community leaders for nontheists? By joining their initiatives!

With the power of reason and science, nontheists have great problem solving skills. By joining city leaders on urban planning, safety, festivals, and other neighborhood initiatives, local nontheist volunteers can show others that nonbelievers are regular people, and contribute valuably to the public discourse.

That’s the purpose behind a new nationwide group, Community Action Network (CAN) and its associated parent-teacher group, PTCAN. They harness the fact that any parent with children in the public school system deserves a seat at the table at school events. They cannot ban nontheists from taking part. That’s your subtle inroad to changing stereotypes and making your own personal connections to local leaders and big decision-makers in the school system and beyond.


Would you like to be catapulted to being a leader at the center of your local community? The CAN national organization will help you find creative ways to contribute to supporting and strengthening the projects of your own local high school or grade school.

CAN and PTCAN offer donations, advice, and support to get new local groups going. Find out how they can help your group and you personally at www.communityactionnetwork.org.