Over 20 Science-Themed Billboards Erected Across Sioux Falls

For Immediate Release

(Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Sioux Falls, SD)

Over 20 billboards with scientific memes and themes were erected yesterday across Sioux Falls. The first set of billboards is located on S. Minnesota Avenue and S. Cliff Avenue, and others will follow on July 18th on West 12th Street. “The campaign’s objectives are to make the public aware that Global Warming is a fact and Evolution is a fact,” said Dale Hemming of Sioux Falls Freethinkers. “I don’t think they people should vote for any public representative that denies the reality of Global Warming. I’m also concerned that some religious leaders prefer to teach Dark Age superstition, when we live in an era of scientific facts, such as Evolution.”

Six static billboards on global warming and evolution were erected on July 5 on Minnesota Avenue between 33rd and 37th street for 4 weeks, and six more will go on West 12th Street between Glendale Ave and Willow Ave on July 18th for 4 weeks. Twenty different digital billboard messages will be displayed on three digital billboards starting July 4th for six weeks at South Cliff Ave and 10th Street, at South Cliff Ave and 26th Street, and at Minnesota Ave and 41st Street.

The Sioux Falls Scientists website (www.siouxfallsscientists.com) references a great deal of evidence to support its claims. It offers links to 48 documentaries, books and courses on global warming. It also has links to 68 documentaries, books and courses on evolution, in addition to 74 documentaries, books and courses on the Earth and the history of humanity’s origins. Sioux Falls Scientists is a member of the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website group.

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For More Information, contact:
Dale Hemming
Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
(605) 271-0334