Published News Stories

Major Newspapers

The New York Times – Tuesday, November 9
Atheist Groups Promote a Holiday Message: Join Us

The Washington Post – Sunday, October 24
In Atheism, They Trust

The Guardian – Thursday, October 21
Don't believe in God? Read This.

Washington Post Blog - On Faith

The Post On Faith blog has opened up a firestorm of on-line controversy. While much that is posted is less than enlightening, it does raise the profile of those in our community who are Godless. Use these links to join in the debates:

Fred Edwords. National Director of the United Coalition of Reason.
Rallying for reason: A Little Atheism Goes a Long Way

List of Posts
Rally for reason?

Danielle Bean, a Catholic author
Nothing unreasonable about religious belief

Tom Flynn, Council for Secular Humanism
Let's rally for reason and secularism

Deepak Chopra, Author
Glenn Beck and the faithful are attacking faith

Becky Garrison, Author
Just in time for Christmas: Kinder, gentler anti-God campaigns?

Other News Sources

Washington Jewish Week - Wednesday, November 3
'Sanity' good for the Jews?You bet! says the throng on the National Mall

Ethics Daily - Monday, November 1
Dueling D.C. Rallies Pitch Religion and Reason As Adversaries

Philadelphia Examiner - Monday, November 1
Atheists Rally for Sanity

The Friendly Atheist - Monday, November 1
My Day at the Rally to Restore Sanity

The Friendly Atheist - Wednesday, October 20
Atheist Bus Shelter Ads Go Up in Washington, D.C.

Philadelphia Examiner - Thursday, October 28
Godless organize for Stewart rally

Los Angeles Examiner - Thursday, October 28
Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity draws atheist group

Fredricksburg - Monday, October 25
Godless Ads Unveiled in Time For Rally