With the recent nationwide explosion of local nontheistic groups--be they humanist, freethought, atheist, secular, Ethical Culture, secular Jewish or otherwise skeptical--a challenge emerged to the fast-growing community of reason. In cities across the United States, many of the local groups either didn't know about each other or weren't communicating. As a result, they couldn't coordinate their efforts toward raising their visibility and stature in their communities. The lack of coordination also meant that the groups were missing opportunities to bring in new members and broaden their audience. So the United Coalition of Reason was established to organize local groups into coalitions and solve these problems.
All local groups of the Triad CoR are individual organizations. The values and codes of conduct vary within each organization and they are in no way reflective of the integrity of the others.

This website is a portal for those looking for local organizations in the North Carolina Triad area. The Triad is a north-central region of NC that consists of the three major cities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point and surrounding areas.

TriadCoR is a growing organization. We would be happy to hear from you and hope to continue inviting more local freethought organizations.
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