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The next opportunity to many of us involved in the San Diego Secular Community will be on Saturday, January 12th at the Matt Dillahunty event. Matt will be speaking about the superiority of secular morality.

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I hope that you will get to know us better by coming to our events. You can link to each of our groups HERE.

Ask an Atheist — Outreach to the Secular Community

On some Saturdays we host a booth at Balboa Park. Members of the San Diego Coalition of Reason have information about our organizations, and literature about humanism and atheism. We are happy to share our experiences, and we want to hear about yours. 


SDCoR Marches in the Pride Parade 2012

Member organizations of the San Diego Coalition of Reason will be marching in this year's Pride Parade. We welcome anyone who wants to join us in our support of civil rights for all citizens and separation of chruch and state. Despite the fact that we advocate reason, education, personal responsibility, ethical values, and compassion to all, we are one of the most despised minority groups in the United States. Many SDCoR members are in the closet, hiding their nonbelief from friends and family because they fear rejection and discrimination.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We encourage you to check us out, and find people who will love you just the way you are. You can sign up at these Meetup groups: San Diego New Athesits and Agnostics and Humanist Fellowship of San Diego. The SD New Atheists and Agnostics will be hosting a sign making party before the parade. We also have banners and cards to hand out. It's an important cause, and lots of fun. Show YOUR secular Pride!


I've marched in the parade several times, and have always found it rewarding. Entrants include the police and fire departments, politicians/political groups, businesses, special interest clubs, churches, synagogues, social action groups, old people, young people, sexy people in tight & tiny clothing, and this year, the coalition of secular groups!  If you have any concerns about the parade, or participating, please feel free to reach out to me with your questions. I'm happy to respond. (

See the SDCoR store at Zazzle for PRIDE t-shirts and other heathen trinkets!