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Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Americans United is a nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to preserving the constitutional principle of church-state separation. The primary mission of the San Diego Chapter is to provide a grassroots presence for the education and advocacy work of the national organization and to actively defend religious liberty in the local community.

Atheist Coalition of San Diego

The Atheist Coalition of San Diego was formed in 1991 and is a not for profit group which holds monthly meetings and other events.  The primary objectives and purposes are: 1) To promote separation of government and religions, which means to educate the public about the value of secular government, alert the community to government / religion separation violations, and work in all lawful ways to ensure separation of governments and religions. 2) To promote atheism, which means to educate and inform the public about atheism, presenting it as a worth-while, life affirming, and wholesome point of view, protect the civil and constitutional rights of atheists, clarify and explain atheist ideas for atheists and non-atheists, and develop opportunities for atheists to learn more about each other. 3) To coordinate activities with other groups to achieve common goals and objectives, in affiliations which do not compromise the autonomy of the Atheist Coalition. 

East County Heathens

Formerly known as the New Atheists of East County, this is a social group for atheists that live and play in East County.   Atheists, humanists, agnostics and all freethinkers are welcome.  Our goal is to provide a social outlet for freethinkers living east of Route 15 including but not limited to El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Santee, Lakeside, Jamul, Spring Valley, and Alpine. Our events comprise all facets of social connection and are membership driven.  The only limitations are our own creativity. In this conservative part of San Diego it is often difficult to find like-minded people.  So bring your positive energy and make the East County Heathens part of your social life.  We look forward to meeting you.

Humanist Fellowship of San Diego

While encouraging the advancement of Humanist philosophy and principles, we like to stretch your minds and your smiles! We are dedicated to providing interesting educational and social events for adults and families that will promote critical thinking, the pursuit of justice, personal acts of compassion, and community service. Our Humanist Chaplain is available to assist with celebrations and memorials. Like us on facebook, follow our tweets, and learn more about HFSD and humanism at our website.  

Kahal Am: The Humanistic Jewish Community of San Diego

Kahal Am is a compelling option for modern Jewish identity in the San Diego Area. Humanistic Jews understand Judaism as the human-centered history, culture, civilization, ethical values, and shared experiences of the Jewish people. We believe that individuals shape their own lives independent of a supernatural authority. You may recognize that our humanistic views of Jewish culture, traditions, and observances correspond with the way in which you would like to cherish your Judaism. Our warm, caring community welcomes anyone who identifies with Judaism, including intercultural families. We hope our website will give you an understanding of Humanistic Judaism and we encourage you to visit our congregation. Facebook Twitter

LGBTQ Humanist Council San Diego

We are the San Diego chapter of the American Humanist Association's LGBTQ Humanist Council. We advocate full civil and social equality for LGBTQ persons, promote the Humanist Philosophy, and offer a welcoming community for LGBTQ persons, our allies, and everyone interested. 

Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers - San Diego

The primary goal of San Diego MAAF is building a community for atheists, humanists and freethinkers serving in the San Diego area. By establishing this group, we aim to support each member whether at home or deployed around the world. All Active Duty military and Veterans of all armed services are welcome to join.

Parenting Beyond Religion

We are a group of free-thinking families looking to build a community free from religion and supernaturalism. We welcome all labels of free-thought – Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, Skeptics, Brights, etc. – who share the common goal of teaching our children to embrace the scientific world view as a way of understanding the universe. Parenting without religious dogma is an ongoing challenge. How do we prepare our children to cope with religiously-based social conventions that surround us, from the assumption that "God bless you" is the required response to a sneeze, to the invocation of a deity in the Pledge of Allegiance, to negative assumptions about secular living that are routinely presented in the media? We are interested in creating a community and building strong friendships while at the same time giving back to the communities in which we live via volunteering and community activities. We invite those families interested in gathering regularly for picnics, hiking, camping, park play-dates, volunteer work, parents' nights out, Moms' nights out, Dads' nights out, and any other events that we all create together. We can share information about secular parenting challenges, while at the same time discussing lighter topics like the latest movie or the finer points of an Australian red wine.

Recovering From Religion

If you are one of the millions of people who have determined that religion no longer has a place in your life, this may be the right Meetup Group for you. Many people love the social support they get from religion, but cannot accept the irrational ideas they are required to espouse. Leaving religion is full of potential problems, both emotional and practical, because family and culture put so much pressure on us to stay and pretend to believe. How do you tell your parents? How does it affect your marriage? How do you break the news to your religious friends and what if it disrupts the friendship? Who can you talk to about this struggle without being told, "You just need more faith"? We are people who have given religion our best shot but just can't bring ourselves to believe in virgin births, resurrections, miracles and the "power of prayer". If getting out of religion is your concern, we'd like to help.

San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry

Almost daily we’re confronted with tales of paranormal occurrences, or of claims that stem cell research is the deliberate slaughter of innocent (if incipient) babies. Evolution is considered “just a theory” and something called intelligent design offered as a more plausible explanation of who we are and how we got here. The list is endless. In 1995 the San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry (SDARI) was established to challenge such credulous thinking and to offer science as a better way of deciding questions. SDARI is loosely affiliated with the national organization, the Center for Inquiry, Transnational in Amherst N.Y. We have monthly meetings, generally lectures, to emphasize our point of view. The meetings are currently being held in the Joyce Beers Center in Hillcrest at 7 p.m. on the fourth Sunday of every month. Meetup

San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics

The San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics is a social organization focused on promoting positive atheism by providing a fun-loving and supportive community to inspire independent and critical thought, and to encourage a healthy curiosity about the world around us. We are an eclectic group that enjoys challenging the mind with scientific learning and hosting events that spark the imagination. We're a socially and environmentally conscious organization that takes pride in our community and our planet. We host a diverse set of activities that include: hiking and museum trips as well as social gatherings such as barbeques, volleyball and the highly anticipated board game night. Join the San Diego New Atheists and enjoy the stimulating conversations and company of hundreds of others in forums where you can express yourself and be yourself in an environment where reason reigns!

San Diego North County Atheists and Agnostics

We welcome atheists, agnostics, secularists, and humanists in the North County San Diego area, and proximal regions. The objective of this group is to bring like minded individuals together for fun, recreation, and intellectual activities. We offer the benefits of human social interaction, without the interference of religion or superstitious dogma.

San Diego North County Brights

Who are we? We are a group of individuals who share a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural and mystical elements, who meet to discuss our views in a friendly and supportive environment. Membership and participation is voluntary; we do not collect dues, or require anything other than respectful fellowship at our gatherings. We meet for dinner at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, 640 Grand Avenue, in Carlsbad. We enjoy a meal or a drink while we discuss humanism, current events, ethics, the media, and other topics that affect our lives and goals. Meetup 

SDSU Secular Student Alliance

It appears that the SDSU group is now inactive. If you would like to start a group at SDSU, please contact the Secular Student Alliance. You can also contact SDCoR for assistance. We'd be happy to help a new group get organized.

Secular Humanist Families of North County

We are liberal secular humanists who would like to find a community of like-minded families interested in building strong friendships. We invite you to join us regardless of the label you choose - Agnostic, Bright, Atheist - or no label at all. We simply want to build a community based on principles free from religion and supernaturalism.

Secular Student Alliance at SDSU

The Secular Student Alliance at San Diego State University strives to promote and practice the rational and scientific examination of the universe and our place in it, and provide an open community for atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, naturalists and other freethinkers, and anyone else with the desire to learn more about secular thought and values. Facebook and SSA@SDSU Website

Secular Student Alliance at UCSD

The purpose of the Secular Student Alliance at UCSD (formerly known as Rational Thought at UCSD) shall be to: 1) create a community for the various secular groups on campus, including, but not limited to Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, or those who follow other skeptical belief systems, 2) promote and practice the open, rational, and scientific examination of the universe and our place in it, 3) promote ethics and morality based on rational and humanistic ideals and values, 4) promote skeptical inquiry, 5) organize activities, such as forums for discussion, guest speakers, and debates that educate UCSD and the surrounding community, 6) improve the public face of freethinkers throughout community service and other humanitarian endeavors, and 7) advocate for the Constitutional separation between church and state. 

Sunday Assembly San Diego

What should you expect from a Sunday Assembly event? Just by being with us you should be energized, vitalized, restored, repaired, refreshed and recharged. No matter what the subject of the Assembly, it will solace worries, provoke kindness and inject a touch of transcendence into the everyday. But life can be tough… It is. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, we have moments of weakness or life just isn’t fair. We want The Sunday Assembly to be a house of love and compassion, where, no matter what your situation, you are welcomed, accepted and loved. Most of all, have fun, be nice and join in.Live better. Help often. Wonder more.

Friends of the San Diego CoR

American Atheists

American Humanist Association

Center for Inquiry - Los Angeles

Camp Quest West

Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

Secular Coalition for America

Secular Coalition for California

Secular Student Alliance

Project Reason: spreading science and secular values

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