Frequently Asked Questions


How are you good without god?

Compassion for others, the lessons of history, and reasoning to the best solution are the best ways to a just and ethical life.

Don’t atheists just hate religion?

Atheists don’t believe in god. That does not imply any animosity toward religious beliefs or adherents. Everyone should respect others, regardless what religious tradition they follow.

What happens when I die?

Science shows that death is an end to the brain functions that create our personalities, and we cease to exist when the functions cease. Our mortality inspires ap- preciation for the life we lead, our impacts on others, and the legacy we build during our one life.

How are humanists and nonbelievers comforted and consoled?

Comfort arises from resolving or at least facing problems. Stress is relieved by hobbies such as music and reading, and the company of friends.

How does justice happen in the universe?

Without a supernatural definition or enforcer of justice, humanists see justice created where humans fulfill obligations towards individuals and the overall community.

Where did it all come from?

Through science we have learned about the formation of stars and planets, evolution of life, and the function- ing of our bodies. The yet-unanswered mysteries ex- cite and inspire us to continue to explore our world.

How do humanists and nonbelievers find purpose?

Humanists recognize that the natural world has no predetermined purpose, so we make our own meaning by applying our skills and interests in ways that help our family, friends, and the world around us.

Borrowed from the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers.
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