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What is a Local CoR?

A local coalition of reason is a very inclusive collaboration of all types of nontheist groups — atheists, agnostics, Humanists, freethinkers, and others — in the same region of the United States or Canada. The groups in a local CoR work together on social events, volunteering for charity, fundraising, promotion, community outreach, and for some groups, political activism. We all share a philosophy of the world that is based on reason, not dogma. We reject superstition and faith-based arguments for personal, community, and government decision-making.

Before UnitedCoR, the local nontheist groups in many metro areas either didn’t know about each other or weren’t communicating. They were missing opportunities to bring in new members and have more impact with their initiatives. The United Coalition of Reason was established in 2009 to help them organize and to provide national resources to local projects. We endorse you, support you, promote you, and help you push to a higher level of impact. We bring national resources to you locally, and give your local group visibility nationwide. It’s all free and all up to you, based on what you tell us your needs are.

How do I join?

We’re friendly! You’ll find many local groups eager to greet you. Click your state or province below to find your local CoRs, and then find the list of local groups you can join.

Although local CoRs themselves don’t take members, please do sign up for the free UnitedCoR national newsletter here in the sidebar!

How can I help?

Thank you for helping! Local groups are always seeking volunteers to organize meetings and events, manage their online presence, reach out to the community, and plan political activism. Click your state or province below to find your local CoRs, and then get in touch through the contact information for the local CoR or its local member groups.

You should also consider a donation to a local group, which is tax deductible if they are registered non-profits, or make a tax deductible donation through the national United Coalition of Reason donation page, with your contribution earmarked towards the national initiative or local cause of your choice.

How can I start a local CoR?

We support you! Contact us for advice and substantial assistance to start your own nontheist group, or to found a local coalition of reason in your region that coordinates the existing groups.

Our groups are very much about democracy. If you want a structure to your local CoR, you can have it, or your local group can affiliate loosely, only working together as needed.

Find more information on our How to Start a Local United Coalition of Reason Group page.

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