Skepticon IV

Skepticon IV is just around the corner and promises to be the biggest and best yet.  Skepticon is an annual skeptics convention set in Springfield, Missouri.  The most recent Skepticon event featured fifteen speakers discussing a wide variety of topics pertaining to skepticism, including feminism, sexuality, diversity in the movement, techniques for coming out as a skeptic or atheist, and the psychology of belief, among others.  Over the course of the three-day event, roughly 1,000 people attended, making Skeption III one of the largest skeptic conferences in the world.

This year they will host an even larger group of top-notch speakers and anticipate more participants than ever before.  Skepticon is free but they do accept donations to help cover the cost of event space and the speakers' hotel rooms and plane tickets.  Skepticon has no paid staff and all of their speakers have generously waived their fees.  So please consider donating as it helps support a great and much needed event in the heart of the bible belt.

For the latest information on speakers, events, hotel rates, and more please visit the Skepticon IV web site, and start making plans now to attend Skepticon IV as November 19th is just around the corner!