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Video: UnitedCoR National Conference

Video: UnitedCoR National Conference

An illustrated lecture on the work of UnitedCoR as well as its newest initiatives as of the second half of 2013. This was part of the joint AHA/UnitedCoR conference held in San Diego, California, May 30-June 2, 2013.


Video: Baltimore CoR's Emil Volcheck

Video: Emil Volcheck of Baltimore CoR

In this five-minute illustrated presentation, the coordinator of the Baltimore Coalition of Reason shows by example what local CoRs are all about. This was part of "Ignite Baltimore," a TED-like lecture series delivered to a sold-out audience on March 15, 2012.


Fred Edwords

Video: Fred Edwords of UnitedCoR

An illustrated lecture on the history of the billboards presented on January 3, 2010. This was part of the ACA Lecture Series produced by the Atheist Community of Austin in Texas.



List of Regional and State Conferences

Is an annual secular conference held in your state? Find out by checking this handy list that gives dates, cities, and website information so you can participate!


UnitedCoR Conference

A UnitedCoR 2013 Conference Scrapbook

On Friday, May 30, 2013, UnitedCoR held its first ever national conference, doing so jointly with the AHA.


Reason Rally

A UnitedCoR Reason Rally Scrapbook

On Saturday, March 24, 2012, the Reason Rally--the largest gathering in history of nontheists and those who love them--was held on the National Mall in Washington DC. And UnitedCoR was a charter principal sponsor.


Amanda Gulledge

Good Without God Essay Contest

On May 29, 2009, the United Coalition of Reason announced an essay contest as part of its then forthcoming good-without-God billboard and transit system ad campaign. Amanda Gulledge from Montgomery, Alabama was the contest winner.



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