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The United Coalition of Reason works to raise the visibility of local nontheistic groups in North America. Nationally, this is done by means of advertising and media campaigns which highlight the fact that nontheists live in every community across the United States and Canada. Locally, this is done by promoting informal cooperation among local groups, hosting local coalition websites, training group leaders, and funding publicity outreach.

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December 16, 2014
Teller Endorses Godless

Teller Endorses Godless "Tree of Knowledge" in Las Vegas

For Immediate Release

(Las Vegas, Nevada, December 16, 2014) How do the godless celebrate the holidays? One way is with a "Tree of Knowledge," metaphorically plucked from the fabled Garden of Eden and decorated with ornaments made out of the covers of books.

December 08, 2014
Godless Signs Vandalized in Arlington Heights

Godless Signs Vandalized in Arlington Heights

(Arlington Heights, Illinois, December 8, 2014) A vandal has damaged two nontheistic signs in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The sign bearling the words, "Are You Good Without God? Millions Are" is located in North School Park, N. Arlington Heights Rd., as part of the winter display.