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The way to become actively involved with the work of UnitedCoR is through its local coalitions. What follows below will tell you how.

Why are local CoRs needed?

With the recent nationwide explosion of local nontheistic groups--be they humanist, freethought, atheist, secular, Ethical Culture, secular Jewish or otherwise skeptical--a challenge emerged to the fast-growing community of reason. In cities across the United States, many of the local groups either didn't know about each other or weren't communicating. As a result, they couldn't coordinate their efforts toward raising their visibility and stature in their communities. The lack of coordination also meant that the groups were missing opportunities to bring in new members and broaden their audience. So the United Coalition of Reason was established to organize local groups into coalitions and solve these problems.

How can I find if there's a local CoR in my area?

We've listed all the active local coalitions by state and city. Just go to our home page at and click on "Find Your Local Coalition" or "Visit Our Map Page."

How do I join my local CoR?

A local coalition of reason is a loose network of local groups; it doesn't offer membership to individual people. Instead, it is the groups within the coalition that offer opportunities for individuals to participate or join. So go to the website of your local coalition, look at the list of groups that are part of that coalition, visit their websites, and determine which group is right for you.

How can I learn about my local CoR's activities?

Visit the local CoR website and look for a meeting calendar or other pages on the site that describe activities.

How can I help my local CoR?

Sometimes the leaders of a local coalition need volunteers to assist with organizing meetings, managing the coalition website, working with the media, and other tasks. To offer your assistance, visit your local CoR's website, find the contact information, and send an e-mail introducing yourself.

How can I develop a CoR if there isn't one near me?

Click here:


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