The Madison Area Coalition of Reason (MadCoR) is an informal association of groups in the greater Madison area who count themselves as part of our area's "community of reason". We are associated with the national United Coalition of Reason, which uses "community of reason" as a "generic term that includes all self-identified nontheistic organizations, whether they call themselves atheist, agnostic, bright, Ethical Culture, freethought, humanist, Pastafarian, rationalist, realist, skeptic, secularist, Unitarian Universalist, or whatever else".

Each member organization seeks to hold high the light of reason in its own way, with its own emphasis, atmosphere and structure. We invite you to explore all the groups listed on our Groups page. If you find one that interests you, use the link on that page to contact them. Our goal is to raise local awareness of our member organizations to help establish rewarding connections between groups and individuals who value a rational approach to the issues surrounding us in the world in which we find ourselves.