Illuminate Your Mind with Reason

Well there you were, driving or walking along and you saw the billboard shown below:

COCORE Billboard 2013

The three Denver billboards with this message were paid for by the Boulder Atheists, a member of the Colorado Coalition of Reason (COCORE). COCORE is an umbrella group composed of 25 secular groups across Colorado.

The Boulder Atheists message is meant to reach out to the secular folks in the state and say, we have our own reason to celebrate and it is the Winter Solstice.

We are also reaching out to the religious communities to say: isn't it great that we all take part in year-end celebrations that are important to us.

Although we still disagree with nativity scenes on government property, we wanted a message of inclusiveness.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know your views by sending an e-mail to cocore3@q.com.

About the Colorado Coalition of Reason

The Colorado Coalition of Reason (COCORE) is an umbrella organization of Colorado-based community groups supporting reason, freethought, and the separation of church and state. The groups in turn support Colorado atheists, agnostics, rationalists, skeptics, secular humanists, freethinkers, brights, and other individuals looking to associate with like-minded people in supporting Reason and secular society.

We encourage other free-thinking, atheist, or secular humanist groups to join the Colorado Coalition.

Member groups of the Coalition organize activities and events for their communities. They may also use COCORE to plan and coordinate events with other groups. Examples of activities include:

  • social gatherings and meetings
  • public outreach booths at community fairs and events
  • sponsoring local and national speakers
  • demonstrating against religious intolerance and coercion
  • opposing legislation sponsored by religiously-motivated organizations
  • providing local speakers on atheism and secularism to organizations and schools
  • other community activities that support atheism, secular humanism, and the separation of church and state.

COCORE also seeks to support those who are victims of religious coercion or harassment. This includes groups and individuals persecuted by religious groups. It also includes United States military personnel and civil servants who find themselves being pressured or coerced by leaders and organizations seeking to advance a religious belief and value system to the exclusion of others.