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New Vision for UnitedCoR


by Jase Heap, Executive Director Dear CoR Coordinators and community partners, Now that we've had the opportunity to take a more active, in-person participation with local CoRs, I wanted to take a moment to let you know of our upcoming plans. In the ...

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Godless Gala 2015 – June 27


The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego is hosting the first annual Godless Gala, a secular fair featuring member organizations of San Diego CoR. Special guests include "Monster on Sunday", an atheist band, magician "Sleeveless Steve", author Dan Arel, and ...

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Ian Harris, San Diego CoR Funny-raiser

Comic Ian Harris, a favorite of the San Diego secular community, will be performing this weekend, May 15 and 16. Proceeds from the Friday night, 9:30 PM show at The Comedy Palace will go to San Diego CoR and Sunday Assembly San Diego. INFO HERE


Creationism Pulled from Arroyo Grande High School Curriculum


Nearly two weeks after the mother of an Arroyo Grande High School student filed a complaint of creationism being taught in her son's life science class, she is now anonymously sharing her side of the story with KEYT. "He was talking about the Tower of ...

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