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Gulf Coast CoR, Not Big Brother, is Watching Kent Hovind


Kent Hovind is infamous, not just for his young-Earth creationist theme park, Dinosaur Adventure Land,  but also for his imprisonment for tax fraud. Link


Federal Court Orders All Ala. Probate Judges To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses


Federal Court Orders All Ala. Probate Judges To Issue Same-Sex Marriage LicensesAmericans United And Allies Represent Five Couples Seeking Marriage Equality May 21, 2015 A federal district court yesterday ordered all Alabama probate judg ...


Action Alert: Support the Compassionate Care Act

On April 8, Democratic Representatives Edith H. Ajello, David A. Bennett, Christopher R. Blazejewski, J. Aaron Regunberg, and Teresa Ann Tanzi introduced H 5507  (“Lila Mansfield Sapinsly Compassionate Care Act”) in the Rhode Island General Assembly. ...


Central Coast Coalition of Reason Makes a Difference!

After months of planning, the Central Coast Coalition of Reason (of San Luis Obispo, California) surmounted all obstacles and made its presence known. After being forbidden from posting secular billboards along Hwy 101, Central Coast CoR released a seri ...

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