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Nontheist Help to Haiti Victims of Hurricane Matthew


by Noelle George, Executive Director, Foundation Beyond Belief Foundation Beyond Belief has launched a Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive to aid the people affected by Hurricane Matthew, and we have chosen Lambi Fund of Haiti (LFH) as our beneficiary. H ...


Nontheist Coming Out vs. LGBTQ+ Coming Out

by Jase, Executive Director, United Coalition of Reason  On Wednesday, October 5th, the American University Humanist Chaplaincy sent out a campus-wide announcement, encouraging solidarity and group discussion: “Atheists, Humanists, and freethinkers ...


Military Nontheist Hero Awarded for Lifesaving Action

Susan Education Officer and National Coordinator Last week, we learned that a member of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers—Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2), Todd Kregel was given an award for “Heroic Achievement while serving as Ch ...


Get Involved with Nontheist Research!

by The Atheist Research Collaborative While a variety of news and public polling firms have reported on the growing number of secular and nonreligious Americans over the past decade, peer-reviewed academic and empirical studies on atheism, secularity, ...

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