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Album Review: Monster on Sunday – Baby Eater


Monster on Sunday – Baby Eater Release date: August 7th, 2015 at the Ramona Backstage in Ramona, California This hot atheist band refuses to let any deity have the best tunes! After delivering some heavy sounds to San Diego’s first Godless Gala, M ...

Monster on Sunday Art

Godless Conference Is Coming to St. Louis!


MEDIA ADVISORY July 28, 2015 Contact: Thomas True, Coordinator—St. Louis Coalition of Reason,, (314) 537-7612  GODLESS CONFERENCE COMING TO ST. LOUIS! Starting Friday July 31, 2015, a three-day Gateway to Re ...


Catholic School Teacher Fired for Being in a Same-Sex Marriage


The same year Margie Winters started her job as religious director at a Merion Station, Pa., Catholic school, she took a trip to Boston and married her wife. She kept her marriage a secret from everyone who knew her at Waldron Mercy Academy for eight l ...

Catholic School

Anti-LGBT Kentucky Clerk Insists He is being Persecuted.


An anti-LGBT county clerk in Kentucky argues that he should have a First Amendment right to violate at least one of the laws he was sworn to uphold. Casey Davis, the Casey County clerk, said Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear was violating his rights by ord ...

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