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Exclusive Interview: Atheist Alliance of America


by Susan Corbett Education Officer and National Coordinator UnitedCoR was pleased that Melissa Pugh—President of the Atheist Alliance of America—flew to Des Moines to support the two local CoRs in their public demonstration at the final GOP debate ...


David Silverman Ignites at the Mark Twain House

by William Cooney American Atheists President and self-described “firebrand” for the cause David Silverman spoke at the Mark Twain House and Museum (MTH) in Hartford Thursday night (January 21, 2016). The evening’s presentation was nothing less ...


Paying Our Respects to Jason Solomon

Doris Rashad Coordinator—New Mexico Coalition of Reason Staff Sgt. Jason Solomon: December 9, 1974--January 28, 2016 ​Jason Solomon: father, husband, Marine, civil rights advocate, friend and Roswatheist. I’d known him for about two years wh ...


Three Stories: #AtheistVoter at the GOP Debate

Three weeks ago, UnitedCoR visited Central Iowa CoR and Eastern Iowa CoR for a meet-and-greet. Little did we know before our visit that those two CoRs were planning a large #AtheistVoter demonstration at the final GOP debate of 2016. Our press release set ...

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